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C G H I M N O P R S T W 


MappedBusMessage - Interface in io.mappedbus
Interface for messages that can be serialized to the bus.
MappedBusReader - Class in io.mappedbus
Class for reading messages from the bus.
MappedBusReader(String, long, int) - Constructor for class io.mappedbus.MappedBusReader
Constructs a new reader.
MappedBusWriter - Class in io.mappedbus
Class for writing messages to the bus.
MappedBusWriter(String, long, int, boolean) - Constructor for class io.mappedbus.MappedBusWriter
Constructs a new writer.
MemoryMappedFile - Class in io.mappedbus
Class for direct access to a memory mapped file.
C G H I M N O P R S T W 
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